Sandra Palmer

Throwaway Woman
Throwaway Woman
Copyright 2007

I was at the grocery store
You'd probably know the name
One stop shopping round the clock
A big national chain
There among beans and corn
An old woman stole a glance
As she shoved a can of tuna
In the pocket of her pants

When she saw that I had seen her
She seemed frozen where she stood
Then she looked at me and whispered
Can't always do what we should
And who are you to judge me
You've never had to be afraid
How can you begrudge me
A life that I never made
And she said

Guess I'm a throwaway woman
I've done the best I could
God saw me too you know
And God believes I'm good

I got home from work in time
Caught the evening news
Poured myself a glass of wine
Sat down and kicked off my shoes
A bewildered young woman
Appeared upon the screen
Barefoot and handcuffed
A Hooters tee shirt and old jeans

The cops said while she took a nap
Her child played with fire
He'd go into foster care
It's what the law required
As she was led away
she sobbed she wasn't bad
She'd worked 2 shifts today
And the boy didn't have a dad
And she said
All the throwaway women
Trade their mistakes for their lives
They must have someone somewhere
These moms, daughters, sisters and wives

Guess they're throwaway women
They've done the best that they could
God sees them too, you know
And God believes they're good
Short Song Description:
It's about the uneasy feeling you get when you realize that "there but for the grace of God go I."
Long Song Description:
It's about the uneasy feeling you get when you understand that the person whom you were about to judge, may be a little more like you then you'd want to believe.
Story Behind the Song:
On the news there was a woman who was arrested for child neglect, and I realized I was judging her as a bad mom, instead of thinking "where is this kid's dad?"
Lyric Credits: Sandra Palmer
Music Credits: Sandra Palmer
Producer Credits: Sandra Palmer
Publisher Credits: Buffalo Kitten
Performance Credits: Sandra Palmer
Label Credits: Buffalo Kitten
Song Length: 4:43
Primary Genre: Folk-Rock
Secondary Genre: Folk-Contemporary
Tempo / Feel: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Girls, Women
Subject Matter 2: Economics
Mood 1: Moving
Mood 2: Poignant
Similar Artist 1: Neil Young
Similar Artist 2: Shawn Colvin
Language: English